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Raw Material Trading experts

Portman Metals gathers more than 40 years of experience in the Metals and Mining sector. Our expertise is not limited to Raw materials and alloys trading, it also expands into Project development, Financing and Logistics. 

Our Services

Our Services

From our headquarters in Dubai Multi Commodity Centre, UAE, we trade internationally in, primarily, the raw material Chrome Ore , as well as other ferrous and non ferrous raw materials.

Market Study

We have a fast-acting and flexible organization that is constantly investigating the market to better understand and forecast the trends. 

Trading and Selling Agent

The raw materials that we sell come from suppliers around the world. Often, this involves actively marketing the sellers by pursuing potential buyers for their produce.

Logistics, Financing and others

We also have a range of services that we adapt to customers' specific demands. We provide financing solutions as well as transportation, warehousing and other logistics services. 

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